Welcome to RCKLSS BHVR, the fashion company founded by us, Minna and Sophia. Our story is fueled by a deep love for fashion, friendship, and the pursuit of RCKLSS BHVR.
We became friends over a period of our lives in college when stupid boys broke our hearts. Instead of letting the situation get the best of us, we started a fashion company.
From an early age, we both developed a keen eye for style and a passion for the transformative power of fashion. Our shared love for exploring different trends, experimenting with unique looks, and pushing the boundaries of conventional style brought us closer together.
Drawing inspiration from diverse sources, we merged our individual aesthetics to create RCKLSS BHVR, a brand that challenges the norms and encourages individuals to embrace their own unique RCKLSS BHVR.
We believe that fashion is a powerful means of identity. Our designs are an embodiment of our passion for edginess, distinctiveness, and fearless creativity. We pour our hearts into each garment, ensuring that they carry our shared love for fashion and our desire to empower others to express their RCKLSS BHVR through style.

RCKLSS BHVR is not just a fashion brand; it's a celebration of fashion, friendship, and the joy that comes from embracing your truest style. Join our community, break free from conventions, and fearlessly unleash your RCKLSS BHVR identity. Together, let's ignite a revolution in fashion, where RCKLSS BHVR reigns supreme.


xoxo- Minna & Sophia

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